Unschooling Mom2Mom

10 Lessons to UnLearn

October 18, 2021 Sue Patterson Season 1 Episode 40
Unschooling Mom2Mom
10 Lessons to UnLearn
Show Notes

Are you new to unschooling?
Or maybe you are moving from more traditional homeschooling to unschooling?

You may have lessons that you need to UNLearn so you can embrace this educational option.
After 25 years of talking with other parents, I've heard the obstacles that get in our way.  Often self-inflicted!!!

Unschooling Resources:
Creating Confidence Membership

Jumping Into Unschooling Course
Perfect to create a solid unschooling foundation

Private Coaching Call with Sue

Go to the website to see all the resources associated with each of the 10 Lessons you need to unlearn!