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Everything Really DOES Count

October 04, 2021 Sue Patterson Season 1 Episode 38
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Everything Really DOES Count
Show Notes

The whole world offers opportunities for a person to learn - and that's EXACTLY the customized education a person needs!

Most of us are moving in the direction of our interests… and when we need more information, we find what we need to accomplish what we want to do. Maybe it’s searching out a YouTube video, or googling some articles, or finding someone in our community that can show us. We really have a variety of ways to learn what interests us.

And kids can do this too. If we let them.
Let's talk a little more about how reframing what we see as educational can be so much better!


Everything Counts ebook - helping you see subjects in everyday life
Creating Confidence Membership - you really don't have to do this alone!
Unschooling Guide: Deschooling - if you need help peeling away the layers of a schoolish approach to learning.