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Unschooling and Technology

July 26, 2021 Sue Patterson Season 1 Episode 30
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Unschooling and Technology
Show Notes

I went a couple minutes over my usual 5-10 minute goal because, you know, technology. We have a lot to talk about!

If you're worried about your kid's focus on Technology, this podcast is for you!
Let's open the conversation and see what's going on.

I want to bring you a little clarity with my Six Ideas to Ponder About Technology and Kids.
You don't have to choose between "Total Control Freak Parent" or the "Total, Sure-Anything-and-Everything-Is-Cool Parent." There's a lot of gray in between the two - but you'll only be able to find what's right for you if you can clear out the fear and worry about the topic!

Information + Support = Unschooling Success!

Unschooling Guide: Technology & Unschoolers
This 25-page mini-magazine will walk you through this touchy subject about your kids and technology. Lots of links and helpful notes to see where you could make some simple changes and find your home more joyful - and less of a power-struggle!

Creating Confidence Membership

My group coaching program talks about some aspect of kids and technology every week! It's an ongoing parental worry. It might help to hear others working their way through the issue, finding solutions and offering a community of unschooling parents who aren't going to bash you for your choices! Read more about it here.