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What About Socialization?

June 28, 2021 Sue Patterson Season 1 Episode 26
Unschooling Mom2Mom
What About Socialization?
Show Notes

One of the most popular questions unschoolers/homeschoolers face is "What about Socialization?" It's asked so often, we frequently refer to it as "The S Word."

It's not surprising when new people ask about this because we've all been so conditioned to believe that the schools PROVIDE the socialization that kids need. As many of us found out when our kids actually went to school (or if we think about our own school experience years ago) it may not be the best way kids learn to get along with others.

In this podcast, I talk about this some more. Also addressing worries about lacking access to other kids, developing social skills, and that concept of "toughening kids up."

Hopefully this will help you begin to see that socialization isn't as big of an issue as you've been thinking.

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