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Grow Your Unschooling Confidence

June 21, 2021 Sue Patterson Season 1 Episode 25
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Grow Your Unschooling Confidence
Show Notes

We all wish we had a little more confidence, right?
Remember, grow your knowledge, grow your support, and you'll grow your confidence with unschooling

These 5 Steps will help you Grow Your Confidence in Unschooling
1 ) Know Your Why
2) Tackle Your Fears
3) Observe Your Child
4) Create Your Strategy
5) Identify Your Resources

When you read that, do you think, "Great! But... um... how?"
I have all kinds of tools to help you with this. I even sent some worksheets on this exact topic as Party Favors for those who came to the Podcast Party last Friday!  But my membership and DIY subscribers get this kind of support all the time! 

So if a weekly podcast isn't QUITE enough for you to gain more info and support, I'd love to help you in my membership group! It's no accident that I named it, Creating Confidence!

Creating Confidence Membership


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