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Unschooling and Writing

May 10, 2021 Sue Patterson Season 1 Episode 18
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Unschooling and Writing
Show Notes

When we think about learning the basics, we think of reading, writing, and arithmetic, right?

We've touched on
Reading (in Episode 14, April 12, 2021)
and on
Math (in Episode 4, March 11, 2021

So now it's time to talk about how unschoolers learn to write without a curriculum, without power struggles, without all the things that we tend to think are REQUIRED in order to be proficient at writing.

Here's why I'm so confident about this. If you have a kid that enjoys writing - and you don't get in there to "help" too much - you'll set the colored pens out and they'll take off.

But like many of us discovered, either their brains or hand muscles weren't quite developed enough, or we clung to the idea that if we didn't "make" them, they'd never learn.

Listen to the podcast for tips and ideas about how you too can shift your thoughts about kids and learning to write.

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