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Anticipating Mother's Day

May 03, 2021 Sue Patterson Season 1 Episode 17
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Anticipating Mother's Day
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May brings all sorts of traditions and seasonal activities each year.  And since this is the Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast, it seems appropriate to talk about Mothers Day this week.

Yes, I realized it's incredibly commercialized.
And yes, I know that the holiday is...complicated... for so many people.

But if you're here, you're probably a mom. And I want to help you figure out how to set the stage to have the Mother's Day YOU want to have.

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Sending much love from one mama to another! 💞

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(at the bottom of the page are some fun Mother's Day Memes)

May brings all sorts of traditions and seasonal activities each year. And since I run Unschooling Mom2Mom, it seems appropriate to talk about Mothers Day this week.

Over the years, I’ve talked a lot about being a mom - who happened to unschool. I really do believe unschooling and homeschooling too, is a Mother’s Movement. Yes, I know, dads do this too - and some are wonderful! Some dads are even here receiving this email - and that's so awesome. But when I show up at a park day, there are mainly moms there. When I look at my Instagram analytics, it’s 97% women following what I post.

It’s one of the main reasons I chose the name Unschooling Mom2Mom. We have a lot to learn from each other - and when we do - we can have such a better experience with our families!

So that’s why I wanted to interrupt our regular discussion about unschooling per se, and talk a little about Mothers Day this week.

It can be a complicated holiday.

Some people are really into Mothers Day while others have a lot of negativity or sadness around it. Seeing the happy Instagram posts and the FB sharing can make it worse.

An additional layer can be if you’re a single mom and you’re relying on your kids to remember to celebrate you on that 2nd Sunday in May. Single moms fare a little better within the school system, because classrooms focus on it all week. But homeschooled kids who are guided primarily by moms, don’t get the same Craft Prompts that the school kids do.

A Few Reminders

First, I want to give you a few ideas to pull to the front of your brain.

It's YOUR Day - Do it Your Way!

Mother’s Day has been really commercialized and puts a heckuva lot of pressure on this one day. You can do anything you want to ease that pressure. If kids messing up your kitchen stresses you out, suggest a hike. Or a Selfie Photo Shoot in the back yard. But know that their love for you doesn’t change based on what day Hallmark says is the-most-important-day for mom!

Create a Successful Day

As an unschooling mom, you already know about setting the stage for success. What can you do preemptively to help everyone feel good about Mother’s Day?

  1. Offer markers and cardstock and help them write or draw a favorite memory with you.
  2. Order food from a local delivery service that you’d love to have on Mother’s Day - “Look what the Mother’s Day Fairy sent!!” (Now, THIS could be a good family tradition!!)
  3. Think of what you’d like for Mother’s Day - and tell them. Don’t make them guess, or you’ll end up with more of what you didn’t want! You could even write it on a list, and let them fill in the blank for who’s going to give it! Kind of like a Pot Luck Sign Up form!
    Like… who’s going to sign up to:
    • Clean out Mom’s Car
    • Give Mom a neck massage
    • Lean in for a hug and get a selfie with Mom
    • Buy some birdseed and fill the bird feeder with her on Mother’s Day
    • Host a dinner table discussion of “My favorite thing to do with Mom.”
    • Pull the dessert out of the fridge (that mom ordered, but let’s skip that aspect) and "Hip-Hip-Hooray! For Mom!"
    • Fluff up the pillows on Mom’s bed, light a candle, and let her slip into her room for a quiet evening with her Kindle.

Focus on others.

Text your favorite moms and tell them something you love about how they mother. You know, “to mother” is a verb! So that might even extend to Aunts and friends without kids who mother you or mother your kids. Let them feel appreciated for the nurturing they provide.

Invite your kids to think of single moms with young kids, or others who might have their Mother’s Day go unnoticed. A cheerful text from your kids wishing them a Happy Mother's Day will be soo lovely!

Wouldn't it be cool to support ALL moms - even ones who are barely holding it together and think everyone else is doing it better? Let's accept them and show some Real Life photos of Motherhood! Simple. Messy. Uncoordinated. However the day shows up for you!

  • Post a photo of you and your child this Mother’s Day tagging #UnschoolingMom2Mom
  • Share a photo of something you enjoyed doing with your kids. Tag #UnschoolingMom2Mom and #ilovebeingamom or #ilovethesekids
  • Post a photo of your REAL Life this Mother’s day. No one has to have matching outfits or clean tables, tag me and #RealLifeMothersDay


I come back to this a lot, don’t I? A different way to focus on the receiving end for Mother’s Day, is to think about all the wonderful experiences, feelings and growth you’ve had BECAUSE you became a mom. List it out - what are you grateful for - all because you had these kids!

Did you know I have an Unschooling Guide that's ALL about Gratitude? If this is the direction you'd like to move, you'll love it:

Unschooling Guide: Gratitude

That’s my Mother’s Day Message for you this week.
I hope you have a fabulous Mothers Day - as quiet or as raucous as you want it to be. I’ll put a few links below, if you’re needing some Mother’s Day ideas or Unschooling Resources.
I’m sending you tons of love - this week and always. ❤︎