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Welcome to the Unschooling Mom2mom Podcast!

March 05, 2021 Sue
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Welcome to the Unschooling Mom2mom Podcast!
Show Notes

Hi everyone!

I’m Sue Patterson, hosting this new Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast.

It’s not REALLY new because I have been recording audios for my membership and subscription clients since mid 2020. But after hearing how helpful they’ve found them, I’ve decided to put them here on a real podcast platform.

These podcasts will come to you every week.

Quick little podcasts - definitely under 10 minutes and often closer to five. 

Peptalks for your unschooling journey!

Because that’s what this is all about. We need to link arms and help each other! 

My 3 kids are grown. Right now, we’re in the middle of "Birthday Season," where all five of us have birthdays! My second child just crossed into the next decade - so we’re looking at 27, 30, and soon to be 32. And not to be left out, my grandson turns 6 this month too! 

I’ll be sharing stories about how they learned - what worked and what didn’t. Without curriculum clouding up their childhoods, my now Grown Unschoolers had no trouble transitioning to college, conservatories or technical schools. They have careers, own homes, started families - no doors were closed because they took this somewhat unconventional path.

I have learned so much about how unschooling works. And I want to share this information with you. I want you to know that you have choices! You and the kids can start off on educational adventures - and it won’t ruin them, or ruin their chances at success!

I can help you overcome the fears that may be holding you back from the life you want - one where your kids learn and grow, where the attachment between parents and kids are strengthened, and where you can all find more joy!

So subscribe and check in with me every week. 
Little by little, I’m going to help you grow your confidence.

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I’m excited to jump into the podcast world with you! 

Leave a comment and let me know where you are in this unschooling journey!
Have we connected on some other platform? 
Let me know! 
I’m excited to create a community here and get you the reassurance you’re looking for!

We’ll talk again soon! Take care!