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What Sparks Joy? Unschoolers Knew...

February 08, 2023 Sue Patterson Season 2 Episode 35
Unschooling Mom2Mom
What Sparks Joy? Unschoolers Knew...
Show Notes

Unschooling moms are smiling everywhere, as Marie Kondo shifts gears about tidying up now that she has three kids. 

We knew it was unsustainable.

For unschooling parents who have kids underfoot all day long, diving into projects and strewing their stuff all over the house... let's just say that carefully folded socks do not tend to rise to the top of the priority list!

Why I'm bringing this up on an unschooling podcast is because Marie's new focus is about shifting perspectives, prioritizing relationships and focusing on what matters. Now she's speaking our language!

I've also included a bit written by Shannon Loucks about our houses being a mess.
It's lovely - you won't want to miss that - and it's linked at the blogpost/transcript.

And if you're interested in more from Shannon, her book is available:
Love More: 50 Ways to Build Joy into Childhood.

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Here's the link to the podcast transcript with a few more resource links.
What Sparks Joy? Unschoolers Knew...

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