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#86: Brainstorming and Making Plans

January 11, 2023 Sue Patterson Season 2 Episode 33
Unschooling Mom2Mom
#86: Brainstorming and Making Plans
Show Notes

Ready for 2023?
Let's talk about how to brainstorm with the kids and make plans that everyone will love!

Here's the link to the Brainstorming tool I mentioned in the podcast:
Brainstorming Time

If you'd still like to look back at 2022 to see what you'd like to bring with you into the new year, here are a couple of tools to help you:

New Year's Workbook - an unschooling resource to help you see all the progress that was made last year. It might be just the reassurance you need as you plan ahead.

Video Interviews - Get the kids going with talking with family members about favorites and memories - on video! So fun!

All three of these resources are on sale as a bundle until January 15:
Discounted January Bundle

And ALL of it - including personal help from me throughout the week - can be yours!
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Reach out if you need help figuring out how unschooling can work for your family!
You don't have to do this alone!

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