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#85: Your Unschooling End-of-Year Review

December 28, 2022 Sue Patterson Season 2 Episode 32
Unschooling Mom2Mom
#85: Your Unschooling End-of-Year Review
Show Notes

As we wrap up 2022, let's reflect on the successes and challenges we've faced - and even overcome this past year! 

Taking a little time to review allows you to learn from what worked and what didn't. It helps you move forward with intention. Sure, unschoolers leave a lot of room for flexibility and pivoting! But having this information will give you some ideas - and it may even remind you of how great the year actually was!

This podcast gives you a lot of questions to ask yourself.
And also some tools to help you:

One-to-One Coaching - get answers to your questions or help for challenges!
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Creating Confidence Membership - Group Coaching for Unschooling Parents

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