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Are Your Kids Worried about Unschooling?

October 04, 2022 Sue Patterson Season 2 Episode 25
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Are Your Kids Worried about Unschooling?
Show Notes

Maybe they're afraid they're not going to know what they need to know.
Or maybe they wonder why you've shifted gears and now all those things that used to matter with school or traditional homeschooling, doesn't seem to matter any more!

It's important to talk with the kids and explain how you're choosing this approach intentionally.  Let's talk about about how to do this here in the podcast.

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Jumping into Unschooling Course
Maybe you like the organization of a class to help you create a strong unschooling foundation. That's what I've created for you!

Learning Math Without Curriculum
This new course walks you through EXACTLY how you'll provide the experiences and create the opportunities for your own child. Don't waste another dime on curriculum! Including a section for unschooling teens!

Here's the link to read along while you listen:

Reach out if you need help figuring out how unschooling can work for your family!
You don't have to do this alone!