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Are You Afraid of Unschooling?

May 11, 2022 Sue Patterson Season 2 Episode 10
Unschooling Mom2Mom
Are You Afraid of Unschooling?
Show Notes

Do you like the *idea* of unschooling, but are fearful about other parts?
This podcast can help you tackle some of the common fears that arise when you're considering unschooling. Like:
- You're worried they won't learn what they need to be functioning adults.
- You're  worried they'll never learn academics.
- You're worried they won't have any friends.
- You're worried this choice will screw up their career options.
- You're worried they'll hate you when they grow up and feel you made a bad choice.

Sue Patterson shares some reassuring information about how unschooling can work for you - without these fears ever actually happening.  Fear makes us play small and keeps us from a fabulous life.  Let's overcome them so you can be the parent you want to be and help your family enjoy each other!


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